We’re head over heels in love with the earth at Hearth & Soul, so we take a lot of care to do things in ways that are very kind to her. Some of our sustainability initiatives include:

  • Composting and recycling: If you compost at home you’ll know the HUGE reduction in landfill that occurs when you remove organic waste from your rubbish bin!! It is extremely satisfying to see how tiny that bag of landfill becomes :). We compost all our organic waste, but before that we try to find other uses for it (our garden loves being sprinkled with used coffee grounds, my dog loves the offcuts from leafy greens, and one of our lovely staff takes yummies for her possum feeding station). We also recycle of course, including soft plastics recycling, and between this and our composting our landfill is greatly reduced.

  • Reusing before disposing: Just like with our organic waste, we try to find other uses for items that have served their original purpose. For example, our toilet paper rolls come wrapped in lovely paper, which we can recycle. However, paper is also REALLY great for cleaning glass, and so we save our toilet paper wrappers to use them again in this way, before we recycle them. The same goes for containers that our food supplies sometimes come in - we save them to use here rather than throwing them directly into the recycling bin.

  • Using local produce: We work with many lovely local suppliers who are doing amazing things not very far from us. We source our produce as locally as we can, and we constantly review our produce sources to make sure we’re doing this in the best way that we can. We also LOVE to hear from people who are growing or creating lovely food locally, so if this is you please contact us to say hello and tell us all about what you’re doing! Some of our current local suppliers are:

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